The European Castles Fair and Dracula Festival

A fabulous event, with international participation, takes place this weekend between the 1st and 3rd of May, 2015 in Hunedoara, Romania at the Corvin’s Castle.


The European Castles Fair is going to promote the beauty of such historical monuments as castles, offering a real journey around Europe to discover historical tourist destinations more or less known. Museums, castles, fortresses and palaces will have the opportunity to exhibit their touristic offers and they can also present their main touristic elements and of historical attraction.

This event is a strategic opportunity for developing collaborations, partnerships and synergies between the participants involved.

There is participation from 21 participants, as: The Peleş Castle, The Brukenthal Palace, Făgăraş Fortress, Poenari Fortress, Bran Castle, Suceava Fortress, Castle of la Mota from Spain, Rakoczi Museum and the Gӧdӧllo Palace from Hungary, Bojnice Museum- Slovakia and Balchik Palace Bulgaria.

Meanwhile, Dracula Festival takes place in the Bethlen Hall, on the second day of May and the following day in Court Hussar, the outer courtyard of the castle. Film screenings are held and even a meeting with Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker ‘s great-grandson. In Court Hussar medieval battles are otganized and also a tournament and other interactive activities.

See more pictures in this article.


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