The Charmed Pumpkins Path in the Mogosoaia Park

This year, a second edition of The Charmed Pumpkins Path took place in the Brancoveanu Fair inside the Mogosoaia Park which is a wonderful recreational hideaway for any Bucharest tourist or local one, being a park very close to the Romanian capital.

Everybody is invited on October 31 to participate in pumpkins workshops for carving pumpkins that will form an impressively long path. The path will eventually illuminate the next evening to enchant us with funny or scary pumpkin figures.

Poteca dovlecilor fermecati (71)

This year, the organizers brought more than two tons of pumpkins to be carved by the participants in original forms, one more interesting than another.

Poteca dovlecilor fermecati (64)

Even though I have never participated in carving the pumpkins, it was a real pleasure for me to walk on The Charmed Pumpkins Path and be amazed by their figures, enlightening them with …. the mobile phone! Exactly, our little Diana chose a pumpkin that seemed interesting, raised its hat, put the brightly mobile inside and got terribly amused.

Poteca dovlecilor fermecati (23)

The organizer of the event is Mogoşoaia administrative division from Ilfov County with the support of some volunteers who handed kits pumpkins to the interested persons and informed them about the areas where pumpkins can be carved .

The event takes two days and begins on the last day of October, exactly when Halloween is celebrated and lasts until November 1 when The Charmed Pumpkins Path is lighted. It is not a real Halloween event but a simply celebration of the pumpkins, these tasty vegetables (or fruit) we like in pies that are made in this time of the year. I also recommend to cut small pieces of the pumpkins and put them in the oven with a little sugar on top, you will have a wonderful baked pumpkin! And it certainly will not scare any little one …

Useful information:

If you are in a vacation in Bucharest you can take the bus no. 460 from Bazilescu Park station to arrive in the park.

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