New Year’s traditions and superstitions

There are some traditions and superstitions which marks the end of the year. Some of them really proved true for me and I think that there is some truth in all of this.


It is said that in the New Year’s Eve we have to:

  • eat grapes or raisins to have money in the coming year. It did not happen! 🙁
  • wear something red to ward off evil spirits. I worn (do not say where 🙂 ) and perhaps it is true, I can not say I had a bad year …
  • light a candle and leave it until the next morning to have a bright year. I have not tried it, but today I will!
  • let a man to enter first in the house for good luck all year round. It must be the first person to visit us in the first day of the new year. Will it count the own husband?
  • pay for our debts, otherwise we will have other debts the next year.
  • eat fish in order to float through our life as easy as it does. Today it is exactly what I wanted to cook!
  • have money in our pocket, bra, where ever possible, it depends on the gender … It is said we’ll have all next year.
  • not to borrow money in the last day or the first day of the next year because we will have financial problems all year. I did not borrow, but all in vain …
  • not to sweep the house because it will banish luck. Woops! I did it!
  • kiss under the mistletoe with the loved one to have a year full of love. Hmm …
  • open the door and windows of the house to go away everything bad and let enter the good new year! Let’s try this one …
  • receive a gift on the first day of the year to have a lucky one! I hope you read this article … You know where to find me!
  • not to break the pots on the first day of the new year. Therefore, do not wash! We let others to wash them :).
  • put a wish at 12 o clock in the night, for it will become true! Believe me, this wish was fulfilled for me every time! By all means do it!
  • take a suitcase and walk out to have many travels! A Venezuelan friend told me this and it is true! This year we will take the suitcase and go for a walk!

I wish you a Happy New Year!

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