World Snow Day 2015 celebrated in Sinaia, Romania

This year’s edition of World Snow Day 2015 takes place in more than 500 mountain resorts in 43 countries. The event was initiated by the International Ski Federation, in order to promote activities in the snow as healthy and beneficial for leisure, especially for young people.

In Romania, the well-known mountain resort of Sinaia celebrates World Snow Day 2015 through a series of actions including free ski lessons for children, contests and educational activities with and about the snow.


The first edition of World Snow Day Sinaia is held on Sunday, January 18 and the events will be hosted by the Partia Noua- Gondola 1 ski slope. Twenty children will receive free lessons and equipment from the best monitors in the city.

Those who arrive at the picturesque mountain resort of  Sinaia can visit the sights of the city, such as:

  • Peles Castle, one of the top 10 most visited castles in the whole world (it was the summer residence of the Romanian dynasty, between the 19th and the 20th century);
  • Pelisor Castle (built between 1899-1903 in the German Renaissance style);
  • Sinaia Casino (built in 1912, today an international conference center);
  • Sinaia Monastery (named after the Mountain of Sinai is the first building of the resort Sinaia and the first electrified Monastery  in the country);
  • George Enescu’s Memorial House in Vila Luminis (built by George Enescu in Romanian style)
  • The exhibition of little  trains in Sinaia  Railway Station (the models exhibited in this museum have stations, depots, tunnels, viaducts, bridges and trains that make their way through trees and mountains);
  • Dimitrie Ghica Park (founded in 1881, the host for Sinaia Festival)

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