Personalized tours of Nymphenburg Palace and Park

Nymphenburg Palace and Park, new audio guide issued

On 1 August 2015 a new audio guide was issued for Nymphenburg Palace. Visitors can choose between German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian and select information about 39 rooms and exhibits. Listening to all the pieces of information takes 90 entertaining minutes, but visitors can choose what they want to learn more about on their tour of Nymphenburg Palace. The audio guide can be obtained in the room selling the tickets. The hiring charge is € 3.50 per individual visitor and € 2.50 per participant in a group of 15 or more. You can also reserve your audio guide in advance by contacting the administrative office for Nymphenburg Palace and Park at


If you want to explore the park on your own, the free Nymphenburg Palace Park app will provide you with historical information as well as audio documents, pictures and films at 23 selected stations. All the texts in the smartphone app are also available as audio data. In addition, there are entertaining games for people of all ages. Information about the app can be found at

Press release from the Bavarian Palace Department
Schloss Nymphenburg

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