Danubius celebrates the Global Wellness Day

We all strive to be healthier, to look good and to feel good both from physical and mental aspects.

This joint desire, independent of cultural background and geographical location, motivated the Global Wellness Day to be organised for the first time in 2012, in other words a world day of wellness, the first day that has been dedicated to well being at international level. The initiative started out in Turkey and the fact that 83 countries join this year only indicates that it found positive reception world wide.

„One day that can change your life” – with this motto we celebrate on 11 June the physical and mental well-being that is so precious to us all. The aim of this initiative, the mission of the World Day of Wellness is to raise awareness of healthier lifestyles, to ask ourselves the question: „How could I live a healthier and better life”?


Danubius Hotels is the leading hotel chain of Central-Europe, looking back onto more than 4 decades of experience, the health spa hotels of which are pleased to join the World Day of Wellness with internationally harmonised programs on 11 June 2016.

If you visit any of the hotels of Danubius Health Spa Resort in Hungary, Check Republic (Marienbad), Slovakia (Piestany) or Romania (Sovata) on this day and try one of the discounted services or take part in one of the health focused programs, you have already done something for your health or well being. And may be this will just be the day that changes your life!

Some of the wide range of programme choices as taster: Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget in Budapest invites you to 6 sauna-séances a day, Nordic walking in the afternoon and swimming by candle light in the evening. In Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia visitors can join a brand new kind of excersise, the Sparrowbag training. Adult guests in Bük are offered yoga, Nordic walking and salt peeling in the steam bath, while the children will enjoy a crazy time in the children’s pool. Sárvár will offer a close insight to Oriental wellness and different healing techniques. Nove Lázne in Marienbad makes the program increasingly interesting among others by open air and indoor Pilates, yoga, swimming by candlelight and nutritious Comfort Zone cocktails as well as a special offer of Healthy Choice dishes. In Sovata in addition to aqua-gymnastic, soft ball and elastic band gymnastic classes, honey and salty sauna séances are on offer. In Hotel Esplanade in Piestany the elderly and those suffering from back pain will also get an exercise, but there are also fit ball, flexibar and balance exercises, which can be relieved by a great Shiatsu or anti-stress massage. On this day certain treatments can be used with discount in all hotels.

In the health wellness hotels of Danubius Hotels that are committed to a healthy way of life patients and health conscious guests are awaited by more than 40 types of health treatments and complex therapies. The cure procedures are supervised by physicians and these may be complemented with other physiotherapy treatments, dietary guidelines. Medical wellness offers different services to guests who are healthy and intend to preserve their health.

Keeping up good health and maintaining the balance of the body can equally be achieved by an optimal composition of nutrition. With the help of Danubius Healthy Choice, a selection of foods created in the spirit of healthy nutrition, the healing power of waters and mud, massages may be complemented by a meal worthy of a health-day. It is not only healthy nutrition that plays a vital role in the Healthy Choice concept made up of fresh, selected local raw materials, but also the taste: the choice offers typical, local, traditional, tasty food in line with the requirements of a healthy way of life, where fat content to be under 10% is a requirement as well as avoiding saturated fatty acids.

You can read the detailed program of the Global Wellness Day in the hotels of the Danubius Health Spa Resort HERE.

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